For the first time in Lithuanian history the pretrial investigation of administrative disputes was established and standardized by the Law. This was a significant step in the public law development, as well as raising civil and more open society.
In democratic and civilized countries the administrative relations are also standardized so that litigations between people and governmental institutions in the field of public affairs would be investigated with expedition and without intricate procedures.
The Chief Administrative Disputes Commission was established in 1999 obeying the laws of Lithuanian Administrative Legal Procedure and Administrative Disputes Commission. Its present constitution (5 lawyers) was activated by Lithuanian Governmental Act No. 259 of March 18, 2016.
In the course of 20 working days, the Commission investigates complaints (requests) of people and juridical persons about the individual administrative acts carried by central administrative subjects (ministries, departments, inspections, services, commissions and other country institutions and their officers).
The Commission also arbitrates in the disputes when the aforementioned subjects refuse or delay to perform actions of legitimacy, which are ascribed to their competence by the Law and other legal acts, or do not supply the declarants with information they need.

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